Shells stuffed with peppered goat cheese and potatoes

>> Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I ran into a bit of a problem this evening realizing I hadn't a thing to eat while sitting in a house full of food. Everything is set aside for Christmas and I wouldn't let myself eat only cookies for dinner.  Shopping through my pantry, freezer and refrigerator, I pulled out a mixed bag of ingredients to pull together what turned out to be quite delicious. 

From the pantry, I pulled baby Dutch yellow potatoes and a can of cream of chicken and mushroom. Salt and pepper.

From the freezer, I fetched two Puff Pastry shells.

From the refrigerator, I grabbed a soft goat cheese that had been rolled in pepper, ricotta cheese (I went for the plain yogurt but found it had expired), butter, shallots, garlic and parsley.

Pre-heating the oven to 400 degrees, I started in chopping my potatoes, shallots, garlic and parsley. I popped the pastry shells in the oven for approximately 20 minutes and continued with my dinner experiment.
In a small sauce pan, I combined the cream of chicken and mushroom with ricotta cheese and let it simmer, stirring frequently.  In a small skillet, I melted the butter and added in the potatoes. After cooking down a bit, I added in the rest of the chopped ingredients. 

When the pastry shells were golden, I removed and stuffed with goat cheese and the potato mixture.  I then plated the two shells atop the cream sauce and topped off with a additional creamy goat cheese. 

Not bad for not having anything to eat!

1 comments: December 23, 2009 at 11:08 AM  

I've been busy baking up a storm that I've also forgotten to cook dinner! Last night my boyfriend and I had instant noodles. How sad. Your last-minute meal is definitely a lot tastier :)

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