Irish Cream Coffee

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

While prepping my kitchen to make, well, a huge mess (chocolate sacks). I opted to fix up one of my favorite Christmas drinks to kick off the festivities. Irish cream coffee takes me back to every Christmas I remember growing up when my parents would always be drinking Bailey's Irish Cream. I have taken to their tradition, adding in a spot of coffee and whipped cream. All you need to make this simple dessert of a drink is:

Baileys Irish Cream
Godiva chocolate liquor
Coffee (I use a light cappuccino roast but use whatever you favor)
Whipping cream
Vanilla extract
Chocolate sprinkles
Hazelnut Pirouettes

To prepare your whipped cream:
  1. Pour a small amount of whipping cream into a mixing bowl
  2. Add in a teaspoon of sugar
  3. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon
  4. Add a couple of drops of vanilla extract
  5. Mix on high speed with a hand mixer, working the cream into stiff peaks
Pour into your Irish coffee mug:
1/3 part Bailey's Irish Cream
1/3 part coffee
1/3 part whipped cream

Drizzle with Godiva chocolate liquor and sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles. Add a hazelnut Pirouette if you are so bold.  Enjoy!


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