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>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

Normally, I spend my Saturday mornings at a cute local coffee house with my two best girlfriends. Today, however, we are getting together later in the afternoon for our own ice capades adventure when we hit the rink and strap on our skates.  It will be nothing short of amusing I'm sure. So, in place of the white chocolate mocha I would normally enjoy, I ramped up my coffee maker and stepped into the role of barista myself.

When making coffee at home, I start out with a little vanilla syrup in my favorite purple coffee mug.  I have had this set of mugs for about 10 years now.  I originally bought these mugs for an old sweetie of mine back in college but realized before I gave them to him that he didn't like them, so, I kept the mugs for myself.  So glad I did!

So, with a little vanilla syrup in the mug, I add a dash of cinnamon and swirl the mug.  I have a single serve coffee maker so I am able to make the perfect amount of vanilla cappuccino coffee for myself. It just makes sense because I live alone.  With vanilla, cinnamon and coffee in mug, add in some vanilla creamer and swizzle stir.

I had some homemade whipped cream left over from a dessert I made a couple of nights ago so I topped the coffee off with a nice big spoonful. Yum! Hey, they give me whipped cream at the coffee house, so I might as well treat myself to it at home!

As I was standing in the kitchen, I realized I had a very curious on-looker watching my coffee come together.  Hanging his little head over the roof looking in the kitchen window, this little guy got a lesson in caffination.


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