Slow roasted chicken

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

For dinner tonight I decided to use my dutch oven which has been safely stored on the top shelf of my cupboard for about the last 7 years, when I received it as a gift from my grandmothers cousin. What to cook in the dutch oven, I asked myself? A chicken. Perfect! So, I bought a whole chicken to test out the slow cooking method. With the cute little bird on my counter, I patted with salt and pepper, then laid it to rest in the pretty little dish. Surrounding the bird with chopped carrots, leeks, scallions, red cabbage, parsley and mushrooms, and adding in a sufficient amount of chicken stock and a few basil leaves, I topped off the dutch oven and put in to cook.

About two hours later, I pulled the dutch oven and opened the lid to find a delicious treat. The most tender chicken and veggies I have ever had. I love my dutch oven and and sorry I have ignored it for so long!


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