Ginger broccoli chicken with plums

>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My dinner creation from tonight trumps the deliciousness I periodically pick up from Pei Wei. Spicy but sweet, tender and juicy, my dinner exceeded all expectations.

To create this simple meal for yourself you will need:

Chicken (2 breasts)
Broccoli (chopped florets)
Plums (3)
Ginger root
White onion
Soy sauce

To make the sauce, dice scallions, leeks, onion and ginger root. Place in food processor and add soy sauce and chop thoroughly.

In a large skillet, heat the ginger sauce and add in cubed chicken breast. Stir and let cook.

In a smaller skillet, cook broccoli with remaining onion covered until heated through. Add broccoli to the ginger chicken skillet, stir and let cook together.

In the small skillet, cook diced plums until heated through and add to the large skillet.

Serve in a bowl and enjoy (with chopsticks if you are so brave)!


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